Free Listing


Benefits of Free Listing

  • Verified Number
  • Verified Email

Verified Listing

Rs. 199/Month

Benefits of Verified Listing

  • Provide verified numbers.
  • Provide verified e-mail.
  • Provide verified company.
  • Verified the Company documents.
  • Provide 5 buy leads per month.

Dynamic Plan

Rs. 1699/Month

Benefits of Dynamic Plan

  • Provide verified listing.
  • Make Mini Website Page in your company in Traderzplanet Website.
  • Create & handle the Facebook page in your company.
  • provide 12 buy leads per month & 3 buy leads per week.

Platinum Plan

Rs. 10999/Month

Give your ad a different look & feel and stay on top of search results.

  • Provide paid viewers in Youtube.
  • Provide Facebook Campaign.
  • Get Keywords Reservation.
  • provide 20 buy leads per month & 5 buy leads per week.

Leading Suppliers

Rs. 4999/Month

The ultimate ad for the best chance of success!.

  • Provide verified listing among all clients.
  • Physical Verification of the company.
  • Corporate video of your company worth Rs. 3999 p.a. in one time only.
  • Create your company`s page in social media like: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin & Youtube.
  • Get your own free domain with a wide choice such as .com/.co/in.
  • Provide 20 buy leads per month & 5 buy leads per week.
  • NOTE : Extra Additional Charges(Optional):
  • 1 Mail:- 2999+tax
  • 5 Mail:- 6999+tax


Rs. 5999


  • Traderzplanet verified TRUSTWORTHY SEAL report.
  • Certified members attract genuine buyers & more genuine business enquiries.
  • Publish TRUSTWORTHY SEAL certification in Traderzplanet Website.
  • Verified the Company Documents like:
  • 1. Pan number
  • 2. legal Status
  • 3. Bank number
  • 3. EPF number

Web Page Builder

Rs. 799/Month

INR 4499 first time payment

  • Building your website for your business.
  • Maintain your website for new customization.