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Privacy Policy - TraderzPlanet

The company Traderzplanet bind by its user’s privacy, so all users must read this privacy policy before starting as a user. It explains how all your information and personal detail is served by the company.

During the registration process, the user is asked to submit personal and business information with valid mail-Id. Company can use some of their details for promotion and marketplace, whereas other details and participating into other third party promotion company maintains your details in the database and has rights to use it for business purpose.

User’s details provided are used by the company to advertise it, in order to attract the most number of business partners. Also, some auto customizations are provided by the company as per the requirement of the user so the user gets to watch what is most important and needed to it. Further, the other business partner may contact the user with some interest in the deal or to know it better from the user’s perspective.


Company will not use any of the user’s personal details for any business not intended by the user, but can use general information as needed for promoting some business into the marketplace, the user has right to share personal details or not to with any third party sharing personal details can cause spamming and misuse of resources. The user has to decide what is to be shared on some marketplace.

The company often do one-way communication with all of its user to keep them updated. It can be relevant to new features and services added, old features edited, to keep them focused on their business goals and provide them relevant recommendations. The company also uses some domain function to the user to get to the most fitted buyers/sellers/suppliers to grow the business.

Users can change/edit their details shared with the company for this they have to login with provided username and password. Once the details are filled, the user has to submit it is gets finally reflected in company’s database after the verification process in over and all details are found correct. The user can also deactivate or delete the account by verifying itself and submitting for deactivation or permanent deletion of the account.

Company hereby declare to not misuse the user’s data for any malicious activity and is used only for business purpose user are also advised to keep some safety measures to prevent any kind of data theft although anything on the internet is not purity safe and secure but company hold it as a responsibility to provide the securities of its best.