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Sunita Network Private Limited

Sunita Network Private Limited is a Noida based startup that deals in IT, technical support, consulting and outsourcing. The company offers outsourced data entry project to the candidate like us to provide us an opportunity to earn while sitting at home. The amount paid in return is really good and I just spend 15-20 hours a week for this work. They are doing a great thing to give those a chance to earn their livelihood who doesn’t have employment. My friend got into the same work after seeing my bank balance. I recommend this company to buy home based data entry projects.

06-11-2015 | Mr. Girish Kumar

I am a student and I have a lot of free time after completing my everyday study. It was summer time and there were no classes so I was looking for some kind of internship, but Sunita Network Private Limited’s home based data entry project impressed me. I bought 2 ids with my friend of the copy paste project and started working in our free time and after ending of the summer vacation, we had a good bank balance in our accounts. We also recommended it to our family members as well as friends and they are doing it without any issue.

05-11-2015 | Mr. Tarun Dangwal

Sunita network Private Limited is working towards excellence of the online industry and whoever is looking to build a strong online network can get benefit from it. I was also looking for the same kind of company that can offer me a good reputed online image and after 6-7 month I saw that my website is getting enough organic traffic. Thanks to the digital marketing service experts of this company. They did a good job and I am looking to extend my deal with them. The SEO services of this company are worth a try.

04-11-2015 | Mr. Danuj Shivaji

The Sunita Network Private Limited is a Noida based IT Company that offers talented people to pursue their dream and build a strong career. It also provides young people to earn in their free time. I also invested my money to earn some money out of my free time and received a sum of money that exceeded my investment. I am much pleased with their technical support who are always ready to help their customers. If you want to do some productive work in the mean time, then contact Sunita Network Private Limited for a better consultation.

03-11-2015 | Mr. Aman Mehra

I am a new entrant in the business and I had no idea what to do. I was looking for some idea to establish my new business in the industry. One of my friends recommended me Sunita Network Private Limited to consult with. I contacted them and after a lot of discussion, I generated an interest in their project. I invested for 5 ids and started my company with 4 other friends and after the hard work I recovered my investment in 2 months after that we went into profit. Now, we are enjoying our work with good earning.

02-11-2015 | Mr. Lalit Sharma

Running a consultancy in such a competitive era is really tough and without an online presence I was lagging behind the leaders. I was looking for a company that can offer me a good looking website that can engage candidates as well as employers. I was impressed by their quotation and thus I ordered them for my website and within 1 month they completed my website. Now I am getting local as well as organic traffic through Google for candidates who are looking for local job posting. My business just got bigger.

29-10-2015 | Mr. Gagan Singh

In this era, it is not possible to trust a company as several fraudsters are rising in the industry. I was also very susceptible for the companies that I was dealing with. I was looking for a company that can fulfill my requirements while keeping my data confidential. I got introduced to Sunita Network Private Limited, a Noida based IT company. They built my ERP in very less time and also kept their promise to keep everything confidential. Later I also ordered them to build my website and now my website is running live. I am fascinated with their quick customer support system.

28-10-2015 | Mr. Anil Gulati

One of my friends recommended Sunita Network Private Limited company to start my business. I am new to the industry and do not have a lot of knowledge about setup and also I lacked the funds. But Sunita Network Private limited solved my all issues. Its 5 ID project was very cheap and with some investment I set up a 5 computer systems to start my work. The process was very simple and just involved data entry work. Now I am planning to expand my business. I also recommended this company to my job going friends and they have shown positive interest.

27-10-2015 | Mr. Anshu Shrivastava

In the field of IT, there is a lot of competition among the companies, and for us the scenario is not different. Sunita network Private Limited is in the field of coding and we code for websites, softwares and apps. We also provide great career opportunities to the deserving candidates and also we have amazing ideas to start a new business. With less investment, you can make huge profits by opting any of our business products. We do provide home based data entry, form filling and survey projects that any person who have sound knowledge of computer operation, can do. The company started in the year 2013 with a mission to establish itself as a leading company in the IT field and is on its way to create new milestones.

05-10-2015 | Mr. Deepak Mittal


Geeks at work, is what we can tell in short for our introduction. Come with an idea and see it working. Whether you have any website requirement or software requirement, we can handle it. We are one of the best web development companies in our region and we have proved it with our revolutionary products. We are Sunita Network Private limited that is involved in the betterment of your online presence. We make your digital presence by creating a stunning website through the latest web designing tools


A portfolio is the mirror of any company’s work and we believe to do the same. We have a great portfolio to show. We have done several big projects and clients have really appreciated it. We are expert in web development as well as in software and app development. We have built websites of several stores, saloons, schools, colleges and industries. Some startup-projects are also in the process and soon to be completed.


Our services range from providing solutions for the requirements of the clients to providing the technical-support. We are in every sector of the online business and technology division. Our services include:

i. Web Development

We provide comprehensive web development for the clients from the scratch. The templates for the website are designed that is followed by the development process.

ii. Software Development

We follow the latest trends and keep in mind the latest technologies in the market. Our software development process follows the standard SDLC (software development life cycle). We have developed several kinds of software like billing, inventory management, school, college attendance, CCE software etc.

iii. App Development

We are spreading our vertical of services from web, software development to mobile app development.

iv. Graphics Designing

Our professional graphic designers are an expert in designing any kind of creative graphics, logo, PSD or promotional banners. Our creative designing service ranges from the promotional images for sliders, brochures, banners etc.

v. Digital Marketing

We have a team of digital marketing experts who are expert in getting your website featured in the top search results on the Google search result pages. We provide seo, smo, ppc and content marketing services.


We have a team of geeks who are work-freak. Our professionals are always involved in some sort of work related to the company whether they are in the office or at home. They get developed everything before the expected timeline. Lots of hard work and affection towards the work has given us brands name which are becoming popular with time. We have developed and curated the four revolutionary ideas into reality.


This is our manufacturing unit involved in the betterment of society’s water needs. It manufactures customer specific water purifiers that can solve the issue of impure water.


This website is for those who want to turn their used stuff into money. Here, anyone can sell their used stuff for a good price and can also buy several used stuff which are still in good condition.


The tech support executives are available here day and night to resolve their caller’s query. Anyone can send their queries to us via call, SMS, email or chat.


This is a platform that will solve any business person needs on a go. Whether a buyer or seller or a service provider, anyone can enjoy the services of the B2B industry.


Young and energetic individuals, who have leadership qualities, decent skills and know to take initiatives, are welcome to join us. We hire fresher as well as experienced guys time to time. Anyone can join our team as per their skill set. Apart from joining our team as a full time employee, a candidate who doesn’t have a specific skill set can work from their home. We do provide several outsourced data entry projects which can help you make money while sitting at home. Anyone, with just operating knowledge of computers can opt for our home based projects and can earn good money out of their free time.


Review, response, feedback, evaluation, reply, criticism or whatever you call it, please give it to us. We are continually evolving and need your priceless suggestion too for the betterment of our services. Whether you are a client of ours or not, just do share your thoughts over technology with us. We are best in our domain and your valuable feedback can earn us a good trust level and will earn us good clients. It will increase our value in the market. There are others company that is involved in fooling and looting their clients, but we are not same. We are different than these companies. We are ISO registered, private limited company working from Noida location. Anyone can check Sunita Network Private Limited, Noida office by visiting on weekdays during working hours, i.e. 10 AM to 7 PM. For any query regarding our services or to get any quotes for your project, just get in touch with us.